System Requirements

  • Microsoft Office With Access 2013, or

  • Microsoft Office With Access 2016, or

  • Microsoft Office 365 With Access

  • For Multi-user, A Network Trusted Location Required

What Does POSY Cost?

A POSY Subscription is only $999 Per Year

Consider and ask yourself:
The person managing your contracts will make at a minimum $25/Hr (salary plus benefits).

  • Will this application save you one week each year?
  • Will this application improve your Termination\Renewal Management?
  • Will this application reduce your exposure to RISK?
  • Will Watch Lists help organize these important tasks?

If you have a Question about anything, please…

Ask Us The Question
  • 50 Contracts = $20 per year — 250 Contracts = $4 per year

  • Unlimited records continue to reduce the cost of management.

  • Unlimited users eliminates per user licensing.

  • Bottom line… You won’t find more value for your money anywhere.

Download Your 30 Day Free Trial!

Step 1: The Read Me First Document Provides You With

  • An overview of how POSY works.
  • List of information you should have on hand.
  • Directions on extracting and starting the Installation zips.

Step 2: Install The POSY Database

Step 3: Install The POSY User Interface

  • Installed On Each PC That Will Use POSY.
  • Download, Extract And Install.
  • Includes A Step By Step Installation Guide