Contract Management

What Does It Mean To You?

  • File it in a drawer For Future Reference.

  • Give It To An Admin Assistant To Track.

  • Assign It To A Manager, Who Will Give It To An Admin Assistant.

  • Give It To Your Full-Time Contract Manager.

Contract Manager

For POSY, it means managing the relationships you are in. Not for managing the negotiations of new contracts.

POSY: Efficiently Manage Affiliates

  • Effective Information… While Efficient With Resources.
  • Watch Lists To Focus Attention… Before It’s Too Late!
  • Based On Software You Already Have (Probably).

Contract Management Focused On The Basics

Term/Renewal Management

Have You Ever Missed An Option Deadline?

Why Manage Terms?

Missing an Option Deadline to 1) Renew An Agreement With Favorable Terms, or 2) Terminate a Mediocre Vendor, can cost you thousands.

Risk Management

Liability Flows Downhill... To You

Why Manage Risk?

We all realize some vendor’s need a Certificate of Insurance, but are you prepared when a critical vendor to your business becomes unavailable?

Performance Review

Is The Agreement Benefiting You?

Best Practices Work!

We often don’t implement best practices because we’re just to busy to think about it. It really doesn’t take long, we just need to remember to do it.

Plus Other Vendor Management Information You Want

  • Agreement Title and Description

  • Type Of Affiliate Relationship

  • Who ‘Owns’ The Agreement

  • Type Of Agreement

  • Specific Subject Of Agreement

  • Confidentiality And More

  • Owner Contacts For Agreement

  • Affiliate Contacts For Agreement

  • All With Complete Documentation

Built On Microsoft Office Technology

  • Microsoft Access Database (Multi-User)

  • Reports Built Using Microsoft Word &  Excel

  • Extremely Low Learning Curve

  • Easy Installation, Get Started In 15 Minutes

With These Additional Important Features

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